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Bingo Stategy

Joel W. Cook
The Gamblers Enquirer

With 75 balls drawn at random, a card with 24 spots and a free spot in the middle, the prevailing thought about Bingo is that it is a game of luck. Is it? Do a search on Bingo Strategy and youll come across many sites with various strategies, mainly card selecting.

There are some online Bingo halls that do not allow you to select cards and cards are generated randomly, so youll have to check with your hall before trying these strategies.

One of the card selecting strategies is to select cards with differing numbers on the last digit of the spots. This strategy implies that if you watch the Bingo board, the numbers that come up will have different numbers in the ones spot, and that chances of winning are greatly increased if your cards are selected without too many duplicate end numbers.

Another is to select cards by the following rules. For the letter B numbers 1 to 10 the lower the numbers the better, I numbers 19 to 29, N numbers 29 to 39 and absolutely no 40s, G 49+, O 60 to 70. This strategy implies that even though the law of odds is that every number should come up equally in a random way, that there are numbers that almost never come up.

These are just a few of the strategies for Bingo that I have come across. Of course the most important strategy to use is to know and follow the basic rules.

Understand the game you are playing such as diagonal, four corners, cover all, etc. How would you feel if somebody else won and by reviewing your cards you find you could of clicked BINGO two calls ago?

Do not buy so many cards that you have trouble keeping track of them. Some online Bingo software will place the cards closer to winning at the top of your screen.

Watch the board and mark your spots as they come up. If you miss a call, your chance of winning could be greatly reduced for that game. Some online Bingo halls have an auto complete feature that will do this for you.

When you have BINGO make sure you click the I WON or BINGO button, you cannot win unless you declare BINGO.

If you play Bingo online, make sure you find a Bingo hall with a good reputation. Most online halls are excellent places to play. Avoid sites that are poorly done. A website with missing graphics and no contact, about, or FAQ information will not get my money, and shouldnt get yours either.

Playing Bingo online can be a multitasking experience. You can chat with other players and play slots or video poker, while the Bingo software plays your cards for you.

Whether it is by strategy or just pure luck, playing and/or winning at Bingo can be very exciting and fun.

The author, Joel W. Cook is the webmaster and creator of The Gamblers Enquirer. Need free content for your website or newsletter? For free reprint rights of this article or other articles please click here

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